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Yes, give us an email and we can sort one out for you. Let us know if you want a special message on it.

Simply add what you want to purchase to your cart, click check out, enter your address, then click ‘request a quote.’ Then we will be in touch within 24-48 hours via email. (We aim to keep postage to a minimum, hence why we manually work it out for each individual). Don’t click ‘place order’ unless you have received your shipping quote.

Yes, check out our opening hours.


In the Autumn or Spring when the ground is moist from rain and so the plant will have longer to establish before the plant’s first summer. However, palms can be planted anytime but they will need to be regularly watered if in Summer or when it’s dry.

Yes, but not right up against the trunk, mulching helps hold the moisture in the soil and suppresses weeds.

  • In ground: When you first plant them, give them a good soaking if the soil is dry.
  • If planting in Autumn or Spring, mulch them well, then you shouldn’t need to water them too often.
  • In summer, twice a week, until they get established (It really depends on the weather).

Palms: At least once a year. It’s best to fertilize in September or October when it’s starting to warm up in the Spring or Summer.

Cycads: At least twice a year.

We use a general fertilizer combined with an 8-9 month slow release.

Australian Grass Trees – Please note they require NO phosphate in any fertilizers, give a mix of potash and nitrogen, and be mindful of fertilizing plants around them as it may leach down and will kill these beautiful plants.

Palms: Queens, Pitt Island Nikau, Tracycarpus Fortunei. Kentias when a bit bigger.

Cycads: Lepidozamia peroffskyana, Sago Revoluta

Most palms that we sell can handle light frosts.

Pitt Island Nikau

They will grow in any soil type but drainage is what’s important.

Yes, but it will grow slower and you will need to fertilize it twice a year. You’ll need to water it often (we recommend twice a week, especially in summer). Use a drip tray and we also recommend taking it outside 3 times a year and watering it until the water really drenches the soil.

Kentia, Dypsis baronii, Chamaedorea hooperiana


Yes (garden mix, forest floor, woodchips, post peeling, peat soil)

In the Central Auckland region yes. Please note we combine deliveries to lower the cost. Depending on your order, generally, we charge around $100 per order and deliver at least once every 10 business days. Request a quote via email today.
Small plants yes. If you provide your name, postal address, phone number, email and plant order we can do a courier quote for you. (We have a 25kg limit per box and a height of 75cm per box).
Depending on the plant size we can fit 2-3 in a box: 75 x 38 x 19cm
Pitt Island Nikau (Small grade only)
We can fit 2 in a box: 75 x 38 x 19cm
Yes, to some areas – we can organise freight via a specialist plant transport company. Contact us to find out more: matakanapalms@gmail.com

We use a mixture 50/50% of 2 produces, instant – Ballance Yara Mila Complex & Agroblem 8-9 month slow release.