Free Loan Trailer

Talk to us about borrowing our free loan trailer to transport your palms and landscape supplies back to your place.

Our trailer is loaned out on a first-come, first-served basis. We ask that you return the trailer in a timely, clean condition – so your load is not mixed with other products. Please leave your phone number and address.

Our trailer holds 1.5 cube of garden mix and 2 cube of everything else.

Landscape Supplies Delivery

We can deliver within 10km for $50:

  • Forest Floor (up to 6cu)
  • Woodchip  (up to 6cu)
  • Post Peelings (up to 6cu)
  • Waikato Loam (up to 5cu)

See landscape product pages for prices per cube.

Palms and planting advice

Wondering what to add to your garden, or trying to figure out where to start on your palm project? Bruce and Raewyn are happy to help you through your decision-making – take advantage of their expertise and find the right solution for your garden. Ask to see their subtropical garden to get some ideas for your own.

From sub-tropical palms to the more unusual Australian and Mexican Grass Trees, visit us to get inspired.