Land Scape Planning

The team from Matakana Palms can assist you with any level of landscape design for your home, property or business. With decades of experience in the horticultural sector, Bruce and Raewyn can create the right design for your budget and land area, while taking into consideration the climate, the level of maintenance required and the look you want to achieve.

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Landscape construction

Whether they use your design or create one for you, Bruce, Raewyn and their team can ensure the construction and creation of your garden goes to plan and is completed on time. His experience in this field means each palm and plant will be treated with care throughout the construction, leading to top quality results each and every time. Big or small, full or minimalist, any level of construction can be handled by the Matakana Palms team. Create your own sub-tropical palm garden with ease – call Matakana Palms today.

Palms and planting advice

Wondering what to add to your garden, or trying to figure out where to start on your palm project? Bruce and Raewyn are happy to help you through your decision making – take advantage of his expertise and find the right solution for your garden. From sub-tropical palms to the more unusual Mexican Grass Trees, you can find all the plants and advice you need at the one easy location.