Buy Clivia NZ

SECONDS SALE – 50-65% off Normal prices (includes green). These plants all have varying degrees of insect damage to the leaves that will resolve itself in time. The ability of these plants to produce flowers is unaffected.

Seconds Clivia: 3.5l pots /PB18 bags. Please email/call or pop in for orders. Not available online. Courier and Freight available depending on location.

Green $20 and $10 for all other colors.

Grade 1 Clivia: 3.5L pots (and a few in PB18). Ask for a courier quote today NZ-wide.

  • $30.00 for all clivia colours (apart from green)
  • Green clivia varieties: $43

Massive range of Clivia varieties: Tango Series (Features very large bi-colour flowers – tall stems on robust plants), Bronze Green Throats, Euro Peaches, Peach, Apricot, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Bi-colour, Bronze, Green Throat.